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Wednesday 2 May

4 French landscape design students from Nantes. I did advise that the garden may look a little bare at this time of the year but they assured me that they were more interested in the design as opposed to the planting at this stage of their course. The weather was fine with little rain.

Tuesday 5 June

13 from Hedge End Flower Arranging Society at 19.00 -  two weeks preceding our first official open weekend.  This meant I had to be ready with all pots out and in position this certainly kept me on my toes!  Lovely visitors, asking lots of questions and buying plants – a good evening.  Weather fine.

Saturday & Sunday 16 & 17 June

 111 visitors this weekend, 38 on Saturday and 73 on Sunday.  There was rain and wind on Saturday morning and I spent the morning propping everything with plant supports and canes and string and moaning about the unpredictable weather!  Sunday (Father’s Day) was sunny in the afternoon with still a strong wind.  Visitor numbers were good, probably owing to Father’s Day. Last year the roses were hardly out at this time and this year, they were practically over!

Sunday 24 June

Oh dear, what a day – rain all day but 11, obviously very keen garden visitors, braved this awful Sunday weather.  I decided on this open day to catch the last of the rambling roses as the season was so late last year but unfortunately this year there was little to see in the rose department but still plenty to see in the rest of the garden, if a little damp!


Saturday & Sunday 7 & 8 July 

66 visitors this weekend, not particularly good numbers for one of our most popular open weekends, probably something to do with sport (F1 and tennis).

Saturday 30 visitors, good sunny day (rare for summer 2007).  Sunday we had 36 visitors, it was sunny until 16.30 and the heavens opened!

Sunday 29 July
45 visitors with a cool/warm sunny day.

Friday 3 August

Romsey U3A Club – 14 visitors at 10.30am – an unusual gorgeous weather day!

Saturday & Sunday 11 & 12 August 

36 on the Saturday with hot, sunny weather.  The visitors today were mainly visitors who had never been to the garden before.  Sunday was cloudy with light drizzle in the morning with 48 visitors.
The eternal rain probably helped the garden to sustain its vigour this year with planting still looking good well into the end of the season, the hardy geraniums have particularly loved the rain even the grasses were good, although a few flower heads were lost with the weight of rain and never recovered.

Sunday 26 August 

52 visitors on our last open day – and so my diary says, a ten out of ten day, hot but not too hot very unusual for a bank holiday weekend!  Quite a few children today (one returning with sister to try the competition).  Half the visitors today were repeat and half new visitors, one visiting from Portsmouth after seeing the garden advertised in the Portsmouth News. A good day to end the worst summer on record!

Total Visitors for 2007 – 364

Considering the awful weather this summer, we were quite pleased with our visitor numbers, thank you so much to all of you. 

Thank you also to Chris Trout and Maureen Kirton, our neighbours, who have been absolute stalwarts this summer - without their invaluable help, we would not be able to open.

2006 Diary and visitor numbers

JUNE 2006

Saturday 7 Sunday 10 & 11 June

The weather looked promising for our first open weekend, probably a little too hot for some visitors.  We had 22 adults and three children on the Saturday and 54 adults and four children on the Sunday.  We were a bit disappointed with the number of visitors especially as it was such beautiful weekend and a lot of unsold cake had to be given away to family and friends.  Unfortunately only a few of the roses were out due to such a cold spring, so we opened spur of the moment the following two weekends and entertained another 22 visitors who enjoyed seeing the roses at their best.

JULY 2006

Saturday & Sunday 8 & 9 July

Saturday was dry with sunny spells and 42 visitors enjoyed the peace and quiet of the garden.  There was heavy rain that evening and I spent all morning propping up the herbaceous plants.  38 visitors braved a grey and cloudy Sunday with the sun just coming out towards the end of the day.  We opened again the following weekend with 20 visitors on what was a very hot day.  We opened again the last weekend of the month and had another 8 adults and 1 child and the weather that day was superb.

We had two private bookings for the week of the 17, the Monday with 15 visitors and the Thursday with 20.  Both groups enjoyed having the garden on their own, especially with the good weather.


Saturday & Sunday 5 & 6 August

Another brilliantly sunny and hot weekend, as usual August seems to be the best month for us.  58 visitors on the Saturday and good tea, cake and plant sales – hooray!  Sunday was another really good day with 71 visitors again enjoying the large slices of cake with their tea and buying plants for a memento of their visit. For reasons that we cannot explain, this always seems to be our busiest weekend, especially the Sunday.

Sunday 3 September

A last minute late booking for 17 visitors and fortunately the weather held for a late summer/early autumn visit.  352 visitors for 2006


We were a bit disappointed to see our numbers down on last year but still managed to raise £1,867.  The majority of this amount was donated to –

Diabetes Uk (Research Fund) and smaller donations to -

Diabetes Uk (Southampton Group)

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (Southampton Centre)

Macmillan Cancer

2005 Diary and visitor numbers

JUNE 2005 

Saturday 4 June – Garden open day shared between Jubilee Sailing Trust and Diabetes Uk.  We are not normally open this early and only had 29 visitors but that wasn’t too bad especially as it was freezing cold with rain.

Sunday 5 June – Garden open day shared between St Michael’s Church and Diabetes UK.  Again rain most of the day, 34 visitors who braved the rain, mainly from St Michaels.

Saturday and Sunday 11 & 12 June – Our first official open day for Diabetes UK.

Weather sunny spells but cool, 91 visitors over the weekend, good plant and cake sales.  Visitors that come regularly tend to visit this weekend because they know if they want the pick of the plants they have to be here early Saturday.  I don’t hold any plants back for later open days, so first come first served.

JULY 2005

Saturday & Sunday 9 & 10 July – Weather good but numbers down.  74 visitors, tea and cake sales good, plants not many buying but those that did bought lots £10-£30.

Disappointing numbers, especially as I consider July open days are when the garden is at its best.

Two open evenings for Garden Clubs in the following week which were well attended.  Week 9-15 quite, stressful with four garden openings and also the first week of Southampton in Bloom judging where I am in my second year as a judge.  Suffice it to say, my feet didn’t touch the ground that week and after a hectic week I took myself off to my best friend Maria (who is also a garden-aholic) in Kent for three days to do what - visit gardens of course!


Saturday & Sunday 6 & 7 August – Where did they come from!

Brilliant weekend, weather superb and 134 visitors, including birthday party for 20.  Down to the last slice of cake and crockery by late afternoon – a very exhausting day but very worthwhile - we all do like to be busy, Christopher (hubby), Maureen and Chris (neighbours), Julie & Simon (daughter and fiancé).


I think we can safely say that 2005 got off to a slow start but we certainly went out with a bang!  All in all a very good year 364 odd visitors and £1800 raised, well done to everybody that visited.